A no harm commitment

We have a duty to operate responsibly, safely and to minimise the impact we have on the environment and on the communities in which we operate. DDH1 Limited has a no harm commitment and a relentless approach to continuous improvement across all our sustainability initiatives.

Health and Safety

An unwavering focus

Safety is of utmost importance to DDH1 and is our core value. Safety of our people is fundamental to the success of our business and is ingrained into the way DDH1 Limited operates. We maintain the strictest adherence to safety standards, and we are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our outstanding safety performance.

We maintain our no harm commitment that we put at the forefront of everything we do. DDH1 is committed and relentless in its approach to continuous improvement not only from a safety perspective, but in all areas of what we do. Our safety systems ensure that we maintain the strictest adherence to safety standards from premobilisation to demobilisation. Every aspect and activity of a drilling program is assessed to ensure practical and relevant controls are used in a preventative manner. Our systems are supported by highly experienced teams of Operations Managers, Site Supervisors and Safety Professionals who ensure the safe and efficient delivery of drilling programs.


People and Culture

Drilling industry employer of choice

The best companies employ the best people. Our reputation is built on the quality of our work, and the quality of our work is dependent on the quality of our people. We aim to be the employer of choice for the Australian drilling industry.

DDH1 recognises the importance of not only retaining its people, but also providing a structured training pathway that develops every individual to be the best they can be. All DDH1 drilling personnel have either completed or are enrolled in a Drilling Qualification. This investment into our people not only improves the safety performance and standard of the drilling at DDH1 but also the industry in general.

In addition, DDH1 is committed to the development of internal talent that exists within the business and industry to ensure we identify and support our next generation of operational managers. DDH1 offers qualifications for our emerging leaders to ensure succession planning and development of our most important assets is ongoing.

Social responsibility block

A good corporate citizen

Social performance is integral to business performance, and our governance procedures support our ongoing commitment to making positive contributions to society.


Committed to reducing our footprint

Proper care of the environment is a fundamental part of our corporate responsibility and is integral to our long-term performance and success.

DDH1 is steadfast in its community and corporate responsibility to operate without causing impact to the environment. DDH1 ensures the governance and control of operations is aligned to Environmental Management System standards. Mitigation or reduction of any potential environmental harm is central to the planning of all our drilling programs.

Our unique approach to minimising our environmental footprint starts by ensuring preventative controls are in place prior to drilling operations commencing.

Community block

A good neighbour and guest

DDH1 Limited acts ethically to establish and maintain positive relationships in the communities in which we operate. We understand the importance of mitigating the potential impacts our operations can have on residents, businesses, and the broader community.